Is a place where everyone is free to simply enjoy Batik,
one of many Indonesian masterpieces and the greatest well-know art accomplishment in fashion.

There is nowhere in the world where the art of Batik has been develop
to the highest standards as in Indonesia.
The traditional skills were particularly well developed over hundreds of years
starting from Java island under the patronage of the Sultan and his court,
with their own proscribed design worn only by certain people in certain occasions.
The beauty then spread through the coast,
influenced by various inhabitants and modified as an intensive artistic process.

we would like to continue giving the most of it
through ready-to-wear and made-to-order Batik Goods just for you.

For your convenient,
we are available at various social media and online marketplace
to bring you the pleasure to surf and easily purchase our beauty moreover enjoyable Batik products.
Simply choose one and in just a click,
your favorite item will knocking upon your doorstep.

We Wish You an Enjoyable Batik Moment

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A simple line and dot pattern means everything

All About Batik

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